by Ruhig

I slide away to the harmony of keys
Lingering in my favorite melodies
Conjuring rhythms of serenity
Seeking understanding
Why you rang my bell
At an early hour
Slipping away into the rain
My greetings fell from lips
As the last of your vestige
Faded into the mist
I can make nothing of it
We have delved into conversation
As passers by, sharing pleasantries
Of social events revolving round our tiny treasures
Always a sense of frolic
To the meandering of pasts and presents
Things significant shared
But never in more than few minute moments
Poet and the Princess…
“Well, that’s how we summed ourselves in one pass.”
The Princess with radiant smile and contagious cheer
As best I can describe a woman promised
A poet, vague vagabond drawing life with dreams
Seeking simple smiles with a little alliteration
Conjuring places we’ve all been again and again
In dreams, in life a Father tending to a son in tender years.
Slip and slide through my prisms,
Silently if you wish.
Though remember you rang in search of a friend
To what end you made that request only you know
I am accustomed to being the silent whisper on a page
If that is all you seek
I can fill you with dreams and sorrow to varied ends