To My New Unavailable Reader Requesting Reprieves

by Ruhig

Quill and Signet Ring

I slide along the rhythms to decades ago
A place and space I can barely recall
Having erased most of my bygone memories
A few do remain of playful smile
A tender demeanor
Perhaps a few more, sadly
For you, for now they are unavailable
Just as you
Though here, now
Do not think our first passing
In over two hundred forty cycles
I did not recall
I merely wished no dealings
With introduction and interaction of my ex
I know you caught my quick glances
Just three, enough to measure
How you trapped me on next passing
Telling me not to pretend
I did not know you
I did and do not
Change has rearranged us across the spectrums
Experience has tempered us
I may have held my arms crossed
Gaze stoic
Believe me, I had noticed the ring
Simple pleasantries and courtesy is all
I’m allowed to offer
Alas our third encounter was more than fleeting
We delved into the span between teenage friends
To current strangers
Your eyes sparkled
Lips parted in remembered smile
As we partook of one another’s stories
Leaving with “I’ll see you next time.”
And my “Whenever that may be.”
As I slipped my hood over head
Stepping out into the rain
‘No offense’ I gave you little thought
Another passer-by in my life
Yet you sought me out in a manner
‘I must have touched something’
To my warm greeting
Silence fell
All the answer I ever truly need
I dropped a few drips of ink for you
You claimed “Disclaimer”
As your favorite piece on the last pass
Do you wish to see, think, feel differently
Or for a moment find yourself lost and free
Along my Erato?
My preferred path to follow
Is that what you request?
You’re bound
I can not write you that type of poem
A setting loose of lips and fingertips
That flow as smoothly across skin
Or the keys that describe it.
I know
I am a reprieve
It’s the role of my life
Pin points of light transcribed from the graphite
To your screen
Now my new requesting reader
I need a bit more for a muse
I can take you anywhere
Just drop me a comment
Hit the button
Offer me a few words
With which to play
No worries
I’ll know the moment you hit enter
Only I shall see
Anonymous subjects you wish to explore
I fill my role too well Lady
Just rhythms and rhymes flowing through alliteration.
A reprieve for those in need