blue20eyes24.jpgSo many have come
Subscribed to the divides
Of my divisions
With no recollections
Scribed for a year
Or my tally of visits
Ticking upwards
Absent I have been
Thankful though for the increase
Besides the deceased muses
Tumbling to the basket
Curious though
You just received an email
Which facet of my resonating
Alliteration you wish to experience
The floral, pastel passing?
Tragic tragedies of masses flitting by?
Nadirs of knowing, understanding sets the mind free?
Where do you desire me to take you?
I’ll cover it all in a whisper
Whisking every last minute detail
From understanding
Syllables set us all free
Come now
Let me wade through the waves
So I can see
Whose come to the table
To play