Simple Muses

Let Me Begin

The tentative tactile touch
That kept me in tow
With blatant truth
Proud to be honest
Even if misconstrued
Is alleviated under taut
Tie to be the good guy
By weight of repetitious
Redundant encounters
Corrupt concoctions
Create friend for their free time
Make no free moments for me
I toss off ragged roles
Let lose baser instinct
Drop shades
Fling hat far away
Bask back in the light
Devilish greens alight
Atrocious ravenous grin
Fingers flex
It’s time to begin
I’m free once again
Are you In?


Words Will

Full, wild, erratic
Wee crazy
Eccentric pen
Meanders across pages
To flippant points
To meddle in
Placations for the minds
In the mean ground
Where compromise, compassion
Are ideals, concepts
Afloat on hot air
Scarcely a vibration
Able to catalog
Anvil’s echo to syllables
Their manner
Concludes considered cognitive
Definitive sums
Laws pertaining to homo-sapiens
Alone absolute problematic boons
Trounce innate
Perception of instinctive cyclic weaves
Encircle life, land
Death and decay
Lessons pass down
Drawn by a man’s’ hand
To berate, belittle
Demand degradation
Till all are beguiled
To imperfect script
A tract of soot, sorrow
Establishes ages
Of extinct reigns
Mollify the inherent spirit
That already purifies
Itself without prejudice
From peculiar barratries
Fallacious thrones where
Parchment schemes
Restraints on reams
Consignment is unattainable
For minds found
Nurtured to live life

A Defining Memory


I ask forgiveness
Before I begin
My little Epiphany
It is another place
A different space
You recall me to
I caught but a glance
As my eyes lingered
On still frame
Subtle features
My fingers never followed
But know better than my own
Bring a battle of tears
As heart rewinds
Where I was too young
To understand
The odd sensation
Even a waft of your fragrance
Brought forth as you passed
Your quiet, timid presence
Invoked my natures
Truest form
To comfort, care, protect
Want more of that sparkling smile
Now I know,
I see,
By cascade of pleasant epiphany
Were the first
To capture my heart.

As a poet I became
I learned those precious emotions
Were the first muses to move me
So my lifelong friend
I will lend breath
To those new Angelic wings
Smiling at the heights of happiness
You have reached


Brutal duality
Duels across
Emeralds hidden
From sight
Under the brim
A shade shifts
All in passing
For delivery of pleasantries
Or debilitating pain
From nadirs
Versed in just what
A moment in life can be
A sweet, tender, delicate memory
A silent second of tension, just a passing
A return to the rule of the ruthless
I’ve learned the difference in my delving
Emerging as the delicate decibels
Of a smelted heart
Capable of more than this medium of art
Such was nurture
I prefer my poetic nature

Words from a Little Person

Poets bleed from the heart and soul

The Darkest Fairytale

I dreamed I could fall asleep.

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