Simple Muses

Tag: Change


It’s my time to leave the guise behind
The dreams were devious deceptions
I wanted to believe
The tantalizing torrents that bled me
Left my heart emaciated
Torn into obscurity
A ravenous beast arises
Eating hearts entirety
With sensual sway of eyes
Feathery swipe of lose strands
Tickling breath begins
Syllables of seductive sin
Lulling tones slip you in
To childish recollection of love
In that innocence
It’s done
You let go
Yield to intimate image
I’ll lick my lips
Despoil your soul
Wink and walk away


Let Me Begin

The tentative tactile touch
That kept me in tow
With blatant truth
Proud to be honest
Even if misconstrued
Is alleviated under taut
Tie to be the good guy
By weight of repetitious
Redundant encounters
Corrupt concoctions
Create friend for their free time
Make no free moments for me
I toss off ragged roles
Let lose baser instinct
Drop shades
Fling hat far away
Bask back in the light
Devilish greens alight
Atrocious ravenous grin
Fingers flex
It’s time to begin
I’m¬†free once again
Are you In?

Lost Harmony 

     I don’t stroke the keys

To make of this a melody 

For I found 

Such tragedy 

Seventy-two cycles of silence

I now understand 

I was smelted

The epiphany pounds

Too many women 

Too many times

The same outcome 

Got it

My crutch to love unhindered, unconditionally 

Does me in

I dare and die

So many times 

I forgot how to cry

A sliver is left

Does it care?

Because it knows how, why 

Now, when

I forever changed

Rearranged the void

Let loose things of old


Childhood remembrances 

Of a loving boy  

Along that path

It’s Time


It’s best I let go
I’ve reaped all I sowed
For years
Under her silken strands
Delicate petals bloom
Mossy banks tickle toes
Tiny stream soothes ears
My comfy cocoon
Of a million muses
I linger too long
In such pleasant confines
The moment is over
A memory, reminders
Of all that failed
Time to slip
The hat low
Brave the first steps
Under the Sun’s radiance
Across the glade
Leaving the paths
And past to be
Till I find something anew
To fulfill me

Words from a Little Person

Poets bleed from the heart and soul

The Darkest Fairytale

I dreamed I could fall asleep.

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