Simple Muses

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Unshaven blades of green
Wave a sigh of relief
Under the weight of dew
Cascading from the sky
To thirsty roots
Reawakening Spring’s most
Abundant color
Tickling my toes
While thick mists mix
Dawn’s first rays
Into purple vapors
Dancing with fairies
Fleeing to hidden homes
Across placid surface
Leaving small ripples in their haste
This is their place from dusk till dawn
And my aching heart
From the fluttering away of sleep
Till succumbing to exhaustion


A Soft Whisper


“Come now
There is no need for passing pleasantries
Words misconstrue heart’s intentions
Let lips rest
Walk along the edge”
Lush moss slides amid toes
Intertwine titillate
Abused senses
Enter an ethereal shroud of vapors
As silken drops conjoin
Rivulets swath your skin
Cascading decades of material demands
To the ground
A release for your undulating curves
Dabbling in new currents of thoughts
Eyes open at the boundary
Blooms of whispering willow
Waiting, beckoning
Intermingle past the cloak of darkness
In our subtle embrace
Dance through lush layers
Mingle with the moonlight
Peering into the canopy
Let go
Fall to flight
You can rest here tonight
I only let a few make it through
I’ll stand watch over your woes this night
You’ll wake anew with the morning light
Having never seen my sight


Ever again
We lay hands on another
Let it not be out of lust
Longing to quench emptiness
But passionate desire
To explore untold fathom
Of love’s revelry
Acceptance that each touch
Sends waves of splendid sensations
To our very souls
Breaking the mundane shackles
Those discontent resentments of past attempts
Spreading our wings
To their fullest span
Falling from reality
In each others’ arms
Before breath grasps our feathered fingers
Lifting us from earthly boundaries
Cradled on the currents
We may choose
To soar
Where ever

Worlds Apart

Barefoot and brave
I was there again last night
Feet pound down ivy secluded glories
Undaunted by terrors that subside below
Coiled and crouched
They anticipate
To pounce on prey
From clandestine hues
The verdant jungle flora
My prospect
Must encompass everything
Plunge deeper, faster
Into wild ways burgeoning
My reckless foray
In this voyages of
Past, present pleasures
Of heightened senses
In the turbulence of world
Compulsorily slowed
I don’t tip toe over knotty conduits
Amid the starvation of the real fiends
Dilapidated, manipulated, maddened
In every uttered word they vibrate
Seeking some form of demise
Of someone, something
From every scenario
I don’t bother to inquire
They only misconstrue
My query of sincerity as feigned,
Misguided attempt to attain leverage
As they do, with ritualistic social investigation
Half spoken, with no ear
To lend, if answer is irrelevant
To their own agenda
So here I am tacit
Beneath their structures
In my eloquently written words
Knowing I am free to fly
All ways
Barefoot and brave

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