A Defining Memory


I ask forgiveness
Before I begin
My little Epiphany
It is another place
A different space
You recall me to
I caught but a glance
As my eyes lingered
On still frame
Subtle features
My fingers never followed
But know better than my own
Bring a battle of tears
As heart rewinds
Where I was too young
To understand
The odd sensation
Even a waft of your fragrance
Brought forth as you passed
Your quiet, timid presence
Invoked my natures
Truest form
To comfort, care, protect
Want more of that sparkling smile
Now I know,
I see,
By cascade of pleasant epiphany
Were the first
To capture my heart.

As a poet I became
I learned those precious emotions
Were the first muses to move me
So my lifelong friend
I will lend breath
To those new Angelic wings
Smiling at the heights of happiness
You have reached