Simple Muses

Tag: friends


It’s my time to leave the guise behind
The dreams were devious deceptions
I wanted to believe
The tantalizing torrents that bled me
Left my heart emaciated
Torn into obscurity
A ravenous beast arises
Eating hearts entirety
With sensual sway of eyes
Feathery swipe of lose strands
Tickling breath begins
Syllables of seductive sin
Lulling tones slip you in
To childish recollection of love
In that innocence
It’s done
You let go
Yield to intimate image
I’ll lick my lips
Despoil your soul
Wink and walk away


Let Me Begin

The tentative tactile touch
That kept me in tow
With blatant truth
Proud to be honest
Even if misconstrued
Is alleviated under taut
Tie to be the good guy
By weight of repetitious
Redundant encounters
Corrupt concoctions
Create friend for their free time
Make no free moments for me
I toss off ragged roles
Let lose baser instinct
Drop shades
Fling hat far away
Bask back in the light
Devilish greens alight
Atrocious ravenous grin
Fingers flex
It’s time to begin
I’m free once again
Are you In?


Quill and Signet Ring

My pen timidly touches this page
With the words to follow
For I have used you
As a muse
and fret my words
May be misconstrued
But I weave them anyways
For I came to you
As you have come to me
(In a time I need a limitless friend)
Lying bare in lines
Almost as elegantly drawn
As the soft upward turn of your lips into a smile
As the flow of your lion’s mane
Framing the depths of your soul
In eyes speaking of intelligence and passion, (perhaps hindered)
As pale complexion radiates under this light
With angelic delicateness
Why a visage so tender
Would grace my presence
I know not
As you linger at my side
With echoing strokes of the keys
Keys we seem not to need
For the doors opened in that first moment
Of tale telling
As kindred minds and hearts met
And I hope these words
Do not make you shy away
From the friends we are becoming
For I am thankful
For the peace
For the lines
For the time
You have given to me


I slide away to the harmony of keys
Lingering in my favorite melodies
Conjuring rhythms of serenity
Seeking understanding
Why you rang my bell
At an early hour
Slipping away into the rain
My greetings fell from lips
As the last of your vestige
Faded into the mist
I can make nothing of it
We have delved into conversation
As passers by, sharing pleasantries
Of social events revolving round our tiny treasures
Always a sense of frolic
To the meandering of pasts and presents
Things significant shared
But never in more than few minute moments
Poet and the Princess…
“Well, that’s how we summed ourselves in one pass.”
The Princess with radiant smile and contagious cheer
As best I can describe a woman promised
A poet, vague vagabond drawing life with dreams
Seeking simple smiles with a little alliteration
Conjuring places we’ve all been again and again
In dreams, in life a Father tending to a son in tender years.
Slip and slide through my prisms,
Silently if you wish.
Though remember you rang in search of a friend
To what end you made that request only you know
I am accustomed to being the silent whisper on a page
If that is all you seek
I can fill you with dreams and sorrow to varied ends

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