Simple Muses

Tag: loss

Lost Harmony 

     I don’t stroke the keys

To make of this a melody 

For I found 

Such tragedy 

Seventy-two cycles of silence

I now understand 

I was smelted

The epiphany pounds

Too many women 

Too many times

The same outcome 

Got it

My crutch to love unhindered, unconditionally 

Does me in

I dare and die

So many times 

I forgot how to cry

A sliver is left

Does it care?

Because it knows how, why 

Now, when

I forever changed

Rearranged the void

Let loose things of old


Childhood remembrances 

Of a loving boy  

Along that path


It’s Time


It’s best I let go
I’ve reaped all I sowed
For years
Under her silken strands
Delicate petals bloom
Mossy banks tickle toes
Tiny stream soothes ears
My comfy cocoon
Of a million muses
I linger too long
In such pleasant confines
The moment is over
A memory, reminders
Of all that failed
Time to slip
The hat low
Brave the first steps
Under the Sun’s radiance
Across the glade
Leaving the paths
And past to be
Till I find something anew
To fulfill me

Too Late


I collapse to my knees
Sundered by epiphany
A twenty pound sledge
Severing my world of words
The twist and twines of simple lines
Fade from fingers
My breath labors
To form short syllables
Of understanding
Two decades too late
My greatest fault
Of ignorant lines
Scripted entirely
For the wrong muses
She was there
Through every trivial trial
A voice of comfort
The delicate tendrils
Of my treasured willow tree
Cradling me
My ignorance
Comes with hefty price
Of losing lines
Even these are unfair
Sorry my friend

How Many Times


I squat down beside you
Because there are things
I want to say
I’m exhausted in all facets
My lexis fades from me
The shortest simplest way to express
Without retort
Answers to ideas
You imbedded in my brain
I must remember your speech
Taunt and disarrayed throughout
Fresh tears from your face
Forgive a momentary fool
It took me a tick to remember
When we have said
So many things
Walked our own ways
Trying to remain friends in bizarre endeavors
Making it tiring to interpret your melancholy swings
Losing me in thoughts not uttered
Or even considered
I really don’t know what to articulate
When the situations are looked upon as is
Those thespian influencing factors
I’ve lost altogether traction
Becoming not even a fraction
Of what you need
Now it will be
But a memory, in a moment
Just a bad reminder
Of another endeavor
Met in futility

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