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You Said, “I know Love!”

You have been touched
Tortured, tickled
To pleasure’s pinnacle
Of euphoria with delicate lips
Lavishly following your subtle lines
While silken fingers caress
Capturing the most tender of nerves
Sending tantalizing libations to your
Very core, till you exhale in
Exhausted, glistening, radiant release.
So you know pleasure
Yet look into my eyes
Feel the love
You have always sought
It’s beyond those physical minute
Forays of the flesh
You use as a substitute




In that moment

I paused.

Returning to a place

Where I was a boy, innocently

Floating in azure waters

Revealing the depths of your soul

In all your magnificence

I let your wave rock me

In delicate hands

Soothing my heart, mind

With hushed whisper

That tickles bare body

With accepting embrace

Of my presence

Taking me so far back

So far away

To a place I long to stay

 If I lose myself in such a way

From captured pose of silken eyes

On first look

Who’s to say I will be able to speak

If ever we meet

I may lose myself

Entirely to your trance

In the first glance.


How Many Times


I squat down beside you
Because there are things
I want to say
I’m exhausted in all facets
My lexis fades from me
The shortest simplest way to express
Without retort
Answers to ideas
You imbedded in my brain
I must remember your speech
Taunt and disarrayed throughout
Fresh tears from your face
Forgive a momentary fool
It took me a tick to remember
When we have said
So many things
Walked our own ways
Trying to remain friends in bizarre endeavors
Making it tiring to interpret your melancholy swings
Losing me in thoughts not uttered
Or even considered
I really don’t know what to articulate
When the situations are looked upon as is
Those thespian influencing factors
I’ve lost altogether traction
Becoming not even a fraction
Of what you need
Now it will be
But a memory, in a moment
Just a bad reminder
Of another endeavor
Met in futility



Shall we sit in silence for a moment
Even if it is infinity?
Allow me to scribe of you
What I see in my heart’s eye
And pass it sheepishly
Your way
Whisper it softly as a breeze
Tickling your ear
Flushing your cheeks
With timid euphoria of words
Meant only for you.
Would such a way
Be unpleasant to pass the years?


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