Simple Muses

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Last Day of Summer


During the hectic pound of tiny feet
The roar of excited reunions
Silence slips to mind
The image of a Summer rose in a white dress
I pass you by with a flutter of furious
Emotions, tumbling into your elegance
Leaning, lingering by the door
They taunt my words
Should I pause
Drink in the nectar
Banter for the minute or two
We may have
Then saunter away until the next
I know the smile
I know the contagious glimmer
Is there
It’s the muse I may find
That makes me wary
Then I feel the flames
Fan into the air
Following you
Flowing from you
As you spin
Walk away
A lovely candle
A delicious muse
I don’t know if I should use


The Coming of a Chosen Two

(This one is out of the box circa 1992.  Forgive the rough youthfulness)

Only stars star saw that night
As hearts came to flight

Both so unwaveringly true
As words passed between the two

Syllables of hidden love
A fire neither wanted to shove

They did not ask why
So long they chose to deny

The beautiful twining will forever be felt
As together they melt

Two lovers timid to embrace
Frightened that time would hasten

Freely all thoughts were shared
Forever it seemed, into the distance they stared

Love for them would be unending

That time
Locked forever in this rhyme

Two hearts alone they came
As one they leave
Never to be the same


Ever again
We lay hands on another
Let it not be out of lust
Longing to quench emptiness
But passionate desire
To explore untold fathom
Of love’s revelry
Acceptance that each touch
Sends waves of splendid sensations
To our very souls
Breaking the mundane shackles
Those discontent resentments of past attempts
Spreading our wings
To their fullest span
Falling from reality
In each others’ arms
Before breath grasps our feathered fingers
Lifting us from earthly boundaries
Cradled on the currents
We may choose
To soar
Where ever


I slide away to the harmony of keys
Lingering in my favorite melodies
Conjuring rhythms of serenity
Seeking understanding
Why you rang my bell
At an early hour
Slipping away into the rain
My greetings fell from lips
As the last of your vestige
Faded into the mist
I can make nothing of it
We have delved into conversation
As passers by, sharing pleasantries
Of social events revolving round our tiny treasures
Always a sense of frolic
To the meandering of pasts and presents
Things significant shared
But never in more than few minute moments
Poet and the Princess…
“Well, that’s how we summed ourselves in one pass.”
The Princess with radiant smile and contagious cheer
As best I can describe a woman promised
A poet, vague vagabond drawing life with dreams
Seeking simple smiles with a little alliteration
Conjuring places we’ve all been again and again
In dreams, in life a Father tending to a son in tender years.
Slip and slide through my prisms,
Silently if you wish.
Though remember you rang in search of a friend
To what end you made that request only you know
I am accustomed to being the silent whisper on a page
If that is all you seek
I can fill you with dreams and sorrow to varied ends

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