Simple Muses

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Mirror’s Reflection

For a minute moment
I’m going to cross the line
Let you into one of my places
With a tip, flip, twist
I’ll rest my cap over eyes
Shadowed secluded
Sea greens
You don’t need to read
Now is here
We need to be there
Before the oaken frame
I found a thousand lines ago
It’s well worn by now
“Won’t you take a glance?”
The mirrors oval shape reflects
An image of you
“It’s not what I see”
I perceive what lies
Below those smooth lines
Subtle curves
I’ve spent my time here
Listening, feeling, following
Coming to read beneath those reflected lines
To find me
Forgive me if you’re studying
We must begin
Watch the mirror as it spins
End after end
Teasing with blurred glimpses
Forget the perception of eyes
Feel the breeze on your skin
Let it sink in
Look between the gaps
Past the contorted apparition
Beyond the mirror
Beneath the skin
Forget syllables
Let the somatic fall
Back into yourself
Close your eyes
As it all fades away
Find yourself
“I’ll slip away now”
When you’re ready
Walk back the other way
Let the world see
The proud steps
Of an individual
Free from chains
Made from the mad mundane.


Last Day of Summer


During the hectic pound of tiny feet
The roar of excited reunions
Silence slips to mind
The image of a Summer rose in a white dress
I pass you by with a flutter of furious
Emotions, tumbling into your elegance
Leaning, lingering by the door
They taunt my words
Should I pause
Drink in the nectar
Banter for the minute or two
We may have
Then saunter away until the next
I know the smile
I know the contagious glimmer
Is there
It’s the muse I may find
That makes me wary
Then I feel the flames
Fan into the air
Following you
Flowing from you
As you spin
Walk away
A lovely candle
A delicious muse
I don’t know if I should use


dancing with the moon

Oh ironic silence
Shall we dance in hushed enchantment?
We can beckon the strumming harp
With a twist of wrist
Intertwining fingertips
Rouse wind from lips
As the flutes lend
Their butterfly breeze
To swish your gown
Eyes infiltrate in curt bow
The ivory keys
Complete the delectable piece
As we begin
Spiraling along the moonlight
In such stillness
Loosing hold of the earth
Our ensemble begins to grow
In dizzyingly trailing light
The stars applaud
Till diminishing from sight
As fingers slip free
Returning you
To the moon this night
The tingling of their delicacy fades away
Merely another silent daydream

How Many Times


I squat down beside you
Because there are things
I want to say
I’m exhausted in all facets
My lexis fades from me
The shortest simplest way to express
Without retort
Answers to ideas
You imbedded in my brain
I must remember your speech
Taunt and disarrayed throughout
Fresh tears from your face
Forgive a momentary fool
It took me a tick to remember
When we have said
So many things
Walked our own ways
Trying to remain friends in bizarre endeavors
Making it tiring to interpret your melancholy swings
Losing me in thoughts not uttered
Or even considered
I really don’t know what to articulate
When the situations are looked upon as is
Those thespian influencing factors
I’ve lost altogether traction
Becoming not even a fraction
Of what you need
Now it will be
But a memory, in a moment
Just a bad reminder
Of another endeavor
Met in futility

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