Simple Muses

Tag: poem


Timid tiny beast

That holds sway

Over every coercive 

Line with which you reply

A tickling tease of the mind

Meant to slither

Ever so slightly 

Underneath the skin


Roving to see what’s within

Every practiced recourse 

Out to attain

With subtle pause 

Slight inflections

Linger long, 

Rehearsed actions






Ascertaining desire


Semblance of literary conviction


Viral Memories

Scrubbed to extinction 


You Said, “I know Love!”

You have been touched
Tortured, tickled
To pleasure’s pinnacle
Of euphoria with delicate lips
Lavishly following your subtle lines
While silken fingers caress
Capturing the most tender of nerves
Sending tantalizing libations to your
Very core, till you exhale in
Exhausted, glistening, radiant release.
So you know pleasure
Yet look into my eyes
Feel the love
You have always sought
It’s beyond those physical minute
Forays of the flesh
You use as a substitute

A Defining Memory


I ask forgiveness
Before I begin
My little Epiphany
It is another place
A different space
You recall me to
I caught but a glance
As my eyes lingered
On still frame
Subtle features
My fingers never followed
But know better than my own
Bring a battle of tears
As heart rewinds
Where I was too young
To understand
The odd sensation
Even a waft of your fragrance
Brought forth as you passed
Your quiet, timid presence
Invoked my natures
Truest form
To comfort, care, protect
Want more of that sparkling smile
Now I know,
I see,
By cascade of pleasant epiphany
Were the first
To capture my heart.

As a poet I became
I learned those precious emotions
Were the first muses to move me
So my lifelong friend
I will lend breath
To those new Angelic wings
Smiling at the heights of happiness
You have reached

Diligent Decades

Eyes glaze as path fades

Fingers hold fast

Mind seizes

Chains rattle before I vanish

Heart rewinds the reams

The still frame memories

Course through every nerve

Searing, pounding, forcing

Wrecked body to knees

Three decades demanding


To every vague muse

I scripted, portrayed

Harmony or disarray

For the thousand

Glaring eyes

Searching soul

For the passion


Now displaced

By guises

Assumed to fulfill

Their needs

Momentary measures

Meant to heal

Oh, portions were real

Inside lines

Somatic symbols

Mumbled words

Meant to mend

Faded eyes

Lost souls

Sundered hearts

I told you

“I’m an apparition!”

Here for the moment

A lease on lines

Just to help you release

“Is that not enough?”

I guess so

Though plagued

By perpetual sundering

Of how many

Paused, then passed

In seconds like these

I let go

None could handle

The real me

Beyond the lines

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