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You Said, “I know Love!”

You have been touched
Tortured, tickled
To pleasure’s pinnacle
Of euphoria with delicate lips
Lavishly following your subtle lines
While silken fingers caress
Capturing the most tender of nerves
Sending tantalizing libations to your
Very core, till you exhale in
Exhausted, glistening, radiant release.
So you know pleasure
Yet look into my eyes
Feel the love
You have always sought
It’s beyond those physical minute
Forays of the flesh
You use as a substitute



It’s my time to leave the guise behind
The dreams were devious deceptions
I wanted to believe
The tantalizing torrents that bled me
Left my heart emaciated
Torn into obscurity
A ravenous beast arises
Eating hearts entirety
With sensual sway of eyes
Feathery swipe of lose strands
Tickling breath begins
Syllables of seductive sin
Lulling tones slip you in
To childish recollection of love
In that innocence
It’s done
You let go
Yield to intimate image
I’ll lick my lips
Despoil your soul
Wink and walk away



If our lips
Feel my ardor
It scorches
Simple lust
Cup my smelted heart
Alleviated of lies
Leaves the skip
In my step
You desire
Dispense facades
I decipher intentions
Discover purpose
To lay
Everything bare
We kindle
In this kiss

Let Me Begin

The tentative tactile touch
That kept me in tow
With blatant truth
Proud to be honest
Even if misconstrued
Is alleviated under taut
Tie to be the good guy
By weight of repetitious
Redundant encounters
Corrupt concoctions
Create friend for their free time
Make no free moments for me
I toss off ragged roles
Let lose baser instinct
Drop shades
Fling hat far away
Bask back in the light
Devilish greens alight
Atrocious ravenous grin
Fingers flex
It’s time to begin
I’mĀ free once again
Are you In?

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