Simple Muses

Tag: silence



Slices deeper

Than truth

It mars 

Past moments

With regret

Of lost chance

To be heard



Cared for

Cherished for bravely

Breaking boundaries 

That leave you bare

To move on



dancing with the moon

Oh ironic silence
Shall we dance in hushed enchantment?
We can beckon the strumming harp
With a twist of wrist
Intertwining fingertips
Rouse wind from lips
As the flutes lend
Their butterfly breeze
To swish your gown
Eyes infiltrate in curt bow
The ivory keys
Complete the delectable piece
As we begin
Spiraling along the moonlight
In such stillness
Loosing hold of the earth
Our ensemble begins to grow
In dizzyingly trailing light
The stars applaud
Till diminishing from sight
As fingers slip free
Returning you
To the moon this night
The tingling of their delicacy fades away
Merely another silent daydream

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