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Words Will

Full, wild, erratic
Wee crazy
Eccentric pen
Meanders across pages
To flippant points
To meddle in
Placations for the minds
In the mean ground
Where compromise, compassion
Are ideals, concepts
Afloat on hot air
Scarcely a vibration
Able to catalog
Anvil’s echo to syllables
Their manner
Concludes considered cognitive
Definitive sums
Laws pertaining to homo-sapiens
Alone absolute problematic boons
Trounce innate
Perception of instinctive cyclic weaves
Encircle life, land
Death and decay
Lessons pass down
Drawn by a man’s’ hand
To berate, belittle
Demand degradation
Till all are beguiled
To imperfect script
A tract of soot, sorrow
Establishes ages
Of extinct reigns
Mollify the inherent spirit
That already purifies
Itself without prejudice
From peculiar barratries
Fallacious thrones where
Parchment schemes
Restraints on reams
Consignment is unattainable
For minds found
Nurtured to live life




What one thinks
Then says
When thought follows
Through the conversation
Should flow freely
From the mind
And be interpreted
As respected syllables,
For did not the moment
Lend itself to find these words
Intermingling of varied perspectives
On some topic, touching
Or passing quaintness?

It is not so
In findings
The requirements
Have become that
Should be measured in stones
And as the rule of foot of a king
Each differs.
What has been thrown?
What volley should be offered in return?
If enunciation dictates offense or
Is there really any point
In returning the resonance
If the vibrations created qualms?
Or did the tones offer taming

Regardless too what they elicit
Or how words are worked
Sometimes silence leaves the longest

Worlds Apart

Barefoot and brave
I was there again last night
Feet pound down ivy secluded glories
Undaunted by terrors that subside below
Coiled and crouched
They anticipate
To pounce on prey
From clandestine hues
The verdant jungle flora
My prospect
Must encompass everything
Plunge deeper, faster
Into wild ways burgeoning
My reckless foray
In this voyages of
Past, present pleasures
Of heightened senses
In the turbulence of world
Compulsorily slowed
I don’t tip toe over knotty conduits
Amid the starvation of the real fiends
Dilapidated, manipulated, maddened
In every uttered word they vibrate
Seeking some form of demise
Of someone, something
From every scenario
I don’t bother to inquire
They only misconstrue
My query of sincerity as feigned,
Misguided attempt to attain leverage
As they do, with ritualistic social investigation
Half spoken, with no ear
To lend, if answer is irrelevant
To their own agenda
So here I am tacit
Beneath their structures
In my eloquently written words
Knowing I am free to fly
All ways
Barefoot and brave

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