Simple Muses

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Mirror’s Reflection

For a minute moment
I’m going to cross the line
Let you into one of my places
With a tip, flip, twist
I’ll rest my cap over eyes
Shadowed secluded
Sea greens
You don’t need to read
Now is here
We need to be there
Before the oaken frame
I found a thousand lines ago
It’s well worn by now
“Won’t you take a glance?”
The mirrors oval shape reflects
An image of you
“It’s not what I see”
I perceive what lies
Below those smooth lines
Subtle curves
I’ve spent my time here
Listening, feeling, following
Coming to read beneath those reflected lines
To find me
Forgive me if you’re studying
We must begin
Watch the mirror as it spins
End after end
Teasing with blurred glimpses
Forget the perception of eyes
Feel the breeze on your skin
Let it sink in
Look between the gaps
Past the contorted apparition
Beyond the mirror
Beneath the skin
Forget syllables
Let the somatic fall
Back into yourself
Close your eyes
As it all fades away
Find yourself
“I’ll slip away now”
When you’re ready
Walk back the other way
Let the world see
The proud steps
Of an individual
Free from chains
Made from the mad mundane.




Shall we sit in silence for a moment
Even if it is infinity?
Allow me to scribe of you
What I see in my heart’s eye
And pass it sheepishly
Your way
Whisper it softly as a breeze
Tickling your ear
Flushing your cheeks
With timid euphoria of words
Meant only for you.
Would such a way
Be unpleasant to pass the years?


The Coming of a Chosen Two

(This one is out of the box circa 1992.  Forgive the rough youthfulness)

Only stars star saw that night
As hearts came to flight

Both so unwaveringly true
As words passed between the two

Syllables of hidden love
A fire neither wanted to shove

They did not ask why
So long they chose to deny

The beautiful twining will forever be felt
As together they melt

Two lovers timid to embrace
Frightened that time would hasten

Freely all thoughts were shared
Forever it seemed, into the distance they stared

Love for them would be unending

That time
Locked forever in this rhyme

Two hearts alone they came
As one they leave
Never to be the same



Unshaven blades of green
Wave a sigh of relief
Under the weight of dew
Cascading from the sky
To thirsty roots
Reawakening Spring’s most
Abundant color
Tickling my toes
While thick mists mix
Dawn’s first rays
Into purple vapors
Dancing with fairies
Fleeing to hidden homes
Across placid surface
Leaving small ripples in their haste
This is their place from dusk till dawn
And my aching heart
From the fluttering away of sleep
Till succumbing to exhaustion

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