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Shall we sit in silence for a moment
Even if it is infinity?
Allow me to scribe of you
What I see in my heart’s eye
And pass it sheepishly
Your way
Whisper it softly as a breeze
Tickling your ear
Flushing your cheeks
With timid euphoria of words
Meant only for you.
Would such a way
Be unpleasant to pass the years?



The Coming of a Chosen Two

(This one is out of the box circa 1992.  Forgive the rough youthfulness)

Only stars star saw that night
As hearts came to flight

Both so unwaveringly true
As words passed between the two

Syllables of hidden love
A fire neither wanted to shove

They did not ask why
So long they chose to deny

The beautiful twining will forever be felt
As together they melt

Two lovers timid to embrace
Frightened that time would hasten

Freely all thoughts were shared
Forever it seemed, into the distance they stared

Love for them would be unending

That time
Locked forever in this rhyme

Two hearts alone they came
As one they leave
Never to be the same


Ever again
We lay hands on another
Let it not be out of lust
Longing to quench emptiness
But passionate desire
To explore untold fathom
Of love’s revelry
Acceptance that each touch
Sends waves of splendid sensations
To our very souls
Breaking the mundane shackles
Those discontent resentments of past attempts
Spreading our wings
To their fullest span
Falling from reality
In each others’ arms
Before breath grasps our feathered fingers
Lifting us from earthly boundaries
Cradled on the currents
We may choose
To soar
Where ever

Soulmates (Revision)

Celestial Sensations

When in the span of a blink
Eyes meet
Souls intertwine
Into a singularity
Knowing words
Fail emotions
Melding in breath
That Destiny
Designed them

Words from a Little Person

Poets bleed from the heart and soul

The Darkest Fairytale

I dreamed I could fall asleep.

I am Lovely and Lonely and I Belong Deeply To Myself

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