Simple Muses

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Words Will

Full, wild, erratic
Wee crazy
Eccentric pen
Meanders across pages
To flippant points
To meddle in
Placations for the minds
In the mean ground
Where compromise, compassion
Are ideals, concepts
Afloat on hot air
Scarcely a vibration
Able to catalog
Anvil’s echo to syllables
Their manner
Concludes considered cognitive
Definitive sums
Laws pertaining to homo-sapiens
Alone absolute problematic boons
Trounce innate
Perception of instinctive cyclic weaves
Encircle life, land
Death and decay
Lessons pass down
Drawn by a man’s’ hand
To berate, belittle
Demand degradation
Till all are beguiled
To imperfect script
A tract of soot, sorrow
Establishes ages
Of extinct reigns
Mollify the inherent spirit
That already purifies
Itself without prejudice
From peculiar barratries
Fallacious thrones where
Parchment schemes
Restraints on reams
Consignment is unattainable
For minds found
Nurtured to live life




Riding upon a page
With smooth curves
And quaint dots
I sit alone in silent joy
With merely moments
Their marks
A home in delicate range
Of ocean’s vast imagination
From fathoms
Too numerous
I delve thoughts
Left long unsought
Emerging, waking
By these symbols
Shaping the lines
Of my new life

It’s Time


It’s best I let go
I’ve reaped all I sowed
For years
Under her silken strands
Delicate petals bloom
Mossy banks tickle toes
Tiny stream soothes ears
My comfy cocoon
Of a million muses
I linger too long
In such pleasant confines
The moment is over
A memory, reminders
Of all that failed
Time to slip
The hat low
Brave the first steps
Under the Sun’s radiance
Across the glade
Leaving the paths
And past to be
Till I find something anew
To fulfill me

Too Late


I collapse to my knees
Sundered by epiphany
A twenty pound sledge
Severing my world of words
The twist and twines of simple lines
Fade from fingers
My breath labors
To form short syllables
Of understanding
Two decades too late
My greatest fault
Of ignorant lines
Scripted entirely
For the wrong muses
She was there
Through every trivial trial
A voice of comfort
The delicate tendrils
Of my treasured willow tree
Cradling me
My ignorance
Comes with hefty price
Of losing lines
Even these are unfair
Sorry my friend

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