A Soft Whisper


“Come now
There is no need for passing pleasantries
Words misconstrue heart’s intentions
Let lips rest
Walk along the edge”
Lush moss slides amid toes
Intertwine titillate
Abused senses
Enter an ethereal shroud of vapors
As silken drops conjoin
Rivulets swath your skin
Cascading decades of material demands
To the ground
A release for your undulating curves
Dabbling in new currents of thoughts
Eyes open at the boundary
Blooms of whispering willow
Waiting, beckoning
Intermingle past the cloak of darkness
In our subtle embrace
Dance through lush layers
Mingle with the moonlight
Peering into the canopy
Let go
Fall to flight
You can rest here tonight
I only let a few make it through
I’ll stand watch over your woes this night
You’ll wake anew with the morning light
Having never seen my sight