Simple Muses

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Words Will

Full, wild, erratic
Wee crazy
Eccentric pen
Meanders across pages
To flippant points
To meddle in
Placations for the minds
In the mean ground
Where compromise, compassion
Are ideals, concepts
Afloat on hot air
Scarcely a vibration
Able to catalog
Anvil’s echo to syllables
Their manner
Concludes considered cognitive
Definitive sums
Laws pertaining to homo-sapiens
Alone absolute problematic boons
Trounce innate
Perception of instinctive cyclic weaves
Encircle life, land
Death and decay
Lessons pass down
Drawn by a man’s’ hand
To berate, belittle
Demand degradation
Till all are beguiled
To imperfect script
A tract of soot, sorrow
Establishes ages
Of extinct reigns
Mollify the inherent spirit
That already purifies
Itself without prejudice
From peculiar barratries
Fallacious thrones where
Parchment schemes
Restraints on reams
Consignment is unattainable
For minds found
Nurtured to live life


Morning Kiss


I long to catch you tenderly asleep
Lost in some fantasy
By my side
Your auburn hair spread about the bed
Strands like webs your lips wove
On our first meeting
Oh how I can not pull my gaze from such
Pouting lines that flow through me
Forcing my fingers to tingle with a muse
Wanton to touch
With butterfly’s grace
In the silence of the rise and fall of your breasts
To forge the memory of the honey
I know is found there
So I may scribe to all
How perfectly sculpted lips feel
Lingering along my fingertips
Before I wake you
Partaking of their supple nectar
Upon my own

Willow’s Whisper


Something arouses me
In the middle of a dream
At untold hour
A hesitant kiss
Terse apology?
For curt arrival
Where, who,
What have you been doing
Outside our vows!
Inquiries expressed
The last time
Miasma permeates
I no longer cringe
Our nuptials
Decay as you breathed
Sundry excuses


Quill and Signet Ring

My pen timidly touches this page
With the words to follow
For I have used you
As a muse
and fret my words
May be misconstrued
But I weave them anyways
For I came to you
As you have come to me
(In a time I need a limitless friend)
Lying bare in lines
Almost as elegantly drawn
As the soft upward turn of your lips into a smile
As the flow of your lion’s mane
Framing the depths of your soul
In eyes speaking of intelligence and passion, (perhaps hindered)
As pale complexion radiates under this light
With angelic delicateness
Why a visage so tender
Would grace my presence
I know not
As you linger at my side
With echoing strokes of the keys
Keys we seem not to need
For the doors opened in that first moment
Of tale telling
As kindred minds and hearts met
And I hope these words
Do not make you shy away
From the friends we are becoming
For I am thankful
For the peace
For the lines
For the time
You have given to me

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